Andrew - Lawyer

“Sandy is an experienced stylist with an innate ability to elevate her client’s sense of style while ensuring they stay true to themselves. She styled me for a music festival and went above and beyond find outfits I would like. I was very pleased with the looks she put together and would recommend her services in a heartbeat” 

Jeanine - Actress 


Matthew - Editor

"I came to Sandy Phan for help developing a style and look.  I had no idea where to start.  She had worked with celebrities and models and I was neither.   I mostly wore t-shirts and jeans until they fell apart. 
I had a brief consultation with her and explained where I was trying to go with it.  Nothing flashy, I want to look clean and nondescript.  She quickly filled in the blanks and presented me with a palate that was 100% my personality.  I believe that stylists have to intuitively understand the subject in order to do an effective job.  Without that connection, you're going to wind up buying a bunch of trendy crap.  She was able to give me an overall upgrade in my appearance without being obnoxious.    
I would recommend Sandy Phan because she is not only great at what she does, but made me feel confident and comfortable throughout the process."

Hey there!

I totally get that the idea of hiring a stylist can be intimidating, but fear not! I've been praised for being super cool and easy to chat with.While the services and prices listed here are just a taste, keep in mind that I offer more options that may suit your specific project. So, if you don't see exactly what you're looking for, let's have a conversation and customize it to fit your needs.Reach out and let's get this style party started!

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